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By submitting your film ("the Work") to Dark Passage Films ("the Company"), you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Submission at Own Risk:

You are submitting your work at your own risk. The Company is not responsible for maintaining copies of the submitted material, or for the return of submitted material in any form. Submitters are strongly advised to retain a copy of any material submitted.

Submission and Evaluation, No Implied Contract: 

By submitting the Work on our website, or via email, you agree that you are submitting your Work solely for the purpose of distribution evaluation by the Company. The act of submission does not, in itself, create any contractual relationship between the submitter and the Company, nor does it guarantee that the Company will undertake to publish, sponsor, produce, endorse, or distribute the Work. The Company retains full discretion over whether to pursue distribution of any submitted work and will only be obligated to the submitter if and when a separate, formal agreement has been executed by both parties. The Company is under no obligation or liability if it chooses not to distribute the Work.


Absence of Confidentiality Obligation:

While the Company will make its best effort to respect the confidentiality of the Works, the submitter acknowledges that the inherent nature of internet-based transmissions and online storage of data impedes the Company from pledging guarantees of confidentiality. Therefore, the Company is not legally bound to handle submitted Works under conditions of confidentiality. The submitter acknowledges that their submissions aren't furnished under any explicit or implied confidential or fiduciary agreement, and that no such relationship is formed between the submitter and the Company through this submission process.

No Guarantee of Review or Feedback:

The submission of a manuscript does not guarantee that the Company will review, give feedback, or respond to the submitter regarding the Work.

Submitter ’s Representation and Intellectual Property Rights: 

The submitter hereby asserts and guarantees that they have the rights to submit the Work, that the Work is original and does not infringe on any copyrights, violate any property rights, or contain any scandalous, libelous, or unlawful content. The submitter also assures that no other entity has claimed the rights that they are intending to grant to the Company under these terms. Importantly, the submitter also warrants that the work was not created solely or primarily by artificial intelligence or any other AI entities. The Company maintains a firm stance on prioritizing human creativity and originality, thus reserving the right to refuse pursuing projects that were wholly or primarily created by AI. The submitter 's acceptance of these terms denotes their understanding and compliance with this specific condition.


The submitter agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Company and its employees, agents, and affiliates against any claims, losses, costs, damages, liabilities, and expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees) arising out of any breach or alleged breach by the submitter of any representation, warranty, or obligation set forth in these terms.

Non-exclusive License: 

By submitting the Work, the submitter grants a non-exclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free license to the Company to consider the Work and to discuss it within the Company, as necessary.

No Responsibility for Submitted Material:

By submitting the Work, the submitter agrees to hold the Company harmless against any claims, costs, damages, losses and expenses, including legal fees, arising out of or in relation to the submission, use, or non-use of the Work.

Potential Similarity with Other Works: 

The submitter acknowledges and agrees that the Company might have projects or products under consideration or in development that are similar to the submitted Work. Any similarity between the submitted material and any future project or product of the Company is purely coincidental. The submitter agrees to waive any claim it might otherwise have in relation to such similarity.


The Company reserves the right to terminate its consideration of the Work at any time, for any reason, without incurring any liability to the submitter.

No Agent Representation: 

The submitter acknowledges that by submitting the Work via the website, they are foregoing their right to send it to the Company through an agent. The Company will deal directly with the submitter in all matters concerning the Work and its potential publication.

Changes to Terms and Conditions: 

The Company reserves the right to revise these terms and conditions at any time. The submitter agrees to be bound by such revisions, and therefore should periodically visit this page to review the current terms and conditions to which they are bound.


By clicking on the "Submit" button on our website, or by sending us an email to with a copy of your submission, or by submitting to us a distribution inquiry in any form, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions. If you do not agree with these terms, do not proceed with your submission.

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