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Title: The Thing with Feathers

MPAA Rating: "R"

Genre: Period, Dark Comedy, Thriller

Running Time: TBD

​Aspect Ratio: 1.85

Budget: $350,000 (approx.)

Production Dates: 10/17/22 - 11/17/22

Theatrical Release Date: 2024

VOD Release Date: 2024



Katie Vincent

Susan Gallagher

Hunter Emery


In Gilded-Age New York, a rebellious woman plans to divorce her emotionally unstable husband. Consequently, a polite and civilized evening spirals violently into pandemonium. Some things never change - until they do.

C O M I N G    S O O N

Dead dreams and broken promises drive a wedge between a married couple fallen out of love. A once “perfect home” now wreaks of resentment, anger, animosity and ruin. Katherine Greene has made the biggest of big decisions: divorce. Not an easy feat for a Lady of the House a la 1886. Unfortunately, her soon-to-be NOT husband, Peter Greene, has planned a most important dinner party at the very same time. Stakes are high, motives are ripe, and bad news taints already murky waters.


After learning of Katherine’s plans, Peter decides to flip the script, abruptly dismissing himself from an otherwise disaster of an evening. In Peter’s absence, Katherine carpes her last diem in residence -- by screwing Peter’s brother, of course! This sets an already “Peeping Pete” on a path of absolute destruction.  Peter breaks into his own home, hog-tying his wife and brother, leaving them in the non- consensual position of “what’s next?” Calamity ensues, marriage unfurls, and comedy (fortunately) continues. A House of Horrors meets a Comedy of Manners, where distrust spreads like wildfire, and a union that once had a future now lies dead in cold blood.


Dark Passage Films

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