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Hot Jam - Get Some Jam In Your Life

This is Hot Jam. It's delicious. Savory. Schmelty. Irresistible...

But do not be mistaken. Much like the budding rose and it's inevitable thorn, Hot Jam is far more than sweet and blossoming. Oh no.


For the delectable droplet that melts on one's tongue can equally scorch and scorn the cheek of an adversary.


Hot Jam? It bites back. 


What better metaphor for a Production Company from another Production Company? A realm of decadence, desire, discussion and destruction. Oh yes. We go there, to the very bottom of the jar...

We tell crazy, funny, tempestuous stories that (ideally) will make everyone involved think. Enjoy the fruits of our labor, but don't stand too close...You might get burned...More warmed jam references to come.

Coming Soon

The Thing with Feathers - Concept Poster

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