About the Film


Jo Lee-Haywood (Elyse Price), a single mother and neighborhood bar owner has spent years trying to escape her violent past. But when a local mobster and his gang of thugs come knocking on her door, Jo is forced to embrace her inner demons and confront her deadly history in order to protect her family and her property. Still waters run deep in this stylistic, neo-noir crime saga. The film stars Elyse Price, Joel Bernard, Katie Vincent, Emil Ferzola and Joe Trombino and was written, directed and produced by Usher Morgan. 

“This is a family story, a gangster flick and a southern revenge film all rolled into one,” said Morgan. “We're mixing some really cool comic book elements with Spaghetti Western elements to produce some interesting results. I can't wait for folks to see it!”.  The teaser trailer features an original musical track created by one of the film's leading actresses, Katie Vincent. The song "Trouble is" will be one of many original songs featured in this uniquely stylized, independent film. 

The Production

Pickings was financed and produced by Usher Morgan and Digital Magic Entertainment. This neo-noir crime film will arrive to theaters on December 1st, 2017.  Visit www.PickingsFilm.com to watch the newly released movie trailer, and connect on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/PickingsFilm to stay informed and to receive exclusive behind-the-scenes material. 

Dark Passage Films

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