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Title: Plucked

MPAA Rating: "R"

(Rated R for violence and language throughout, and for some drug use)

Running Time: 2 Hours

Genre: Dark Comedy

​Aspect Ratio: 2.39

Budget: $300,000 (approx.)



Katie Vincent, Jared Canfield, Tony J Crane, Catherine Curtin, Susan Gallagher, Bryant Carol, Jacob A Ware, Fred Sullivan 

About the Film

In Gilded-Age New York, a rebellious woman plans to divorce her emotionally unstable husband. Consequently, a polite and civilized evening spirals violently into pandemonium. Some things never change... until they do.​​

The Filmmakers

Usher Morgan and Katie Vincent are award-winning screenwriters, film directors, and producers residing in New York City. Their previous collaborations include Prego, HomeBound, Windblown, Pickings, and the upcoming "Plucked"

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