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CROWNED: Being A Princess Is No Fairytale (Series Review)

Being a princess is never easy. On the other hand, being a party princess may be difficult, but it’s a living for two best friends in the new comedy web series CROWNED, co-created by the husband and wife team of Brianne Sanborn and Josh Bednarsky, and premiering August 15th. The show stars Sanborn as Macie, and Veronica Mannion as Vianka, two recent college graduates who in the midst of a difficult job market (Macie aspires to be a veterinarian, while Vianka hopes to be an actress) find their only source of employment to be as ‘princesses’ who appear at children’s birthday parties, a growing phenomenon that not only brings out the kid in Macie, but also leads her toward her own journey of personal growth throughout the series. CROWNED also stars Bednarsky (who in the series is virtually unrecognizable in layers of latex makeup, more on that later) as Monty, the crotchety old owner of Crowned Entertainment, the firm that employs both Macie and Vianka, while Kurt Peterson plays Monty’s loyal assistant, Wilhelm. Six episodes are set for the show’s first season, along with several character vlogs (video blogs) that will air in between each episode.

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