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Award-Winning Short Film About the Horrors of Agoraphobia Premieres Online

After losing her therapy dog, a woman burdened by severe agoraphobia must muster the courage within, not only to find her dog, but ultimately, to find herself.

Usher Morgan’s psychological thriller, HomeBound shed new light on a paralyzing condition that burdens over 4 million American souls.

Morgan was inspired by the trials and tribulations, and ultimately the perseverance, of a close friend who suffered from (and overcame) a severe case of agoraphobia. “Telling this story from the inside out felt important and presenting the film in a visual style that allows the audience to experience the debilitating nature of this condition felt like a challenge I needed to undertake.” said Usher Morgan, who wrote, directed, shot, and edited the film.

“I didn’t realize, of course, that only weeks after production would wrap, the entire country (and the world) would find itself grappling with a similar fate: a fear of the unknown and a distrust of life beyond one’s own front door. The experience as a whole impacted everyone involved, the responsibility was huge, and the need to be authentic was weighing on every creative spirit on set. I am extremely proud of this film, and this has certainly been a stand-out experience for me as a filmmaker, a storyteller, and a human being.”

Principal photography was wrapped days before the mandatory NYC shutdown of 2020 and stars Katie Vincent (Windblown, Pickings) as Jamie Rockwell and Sebastian Arcelus (House of Cards, Madam Secretary) as Dr. David Ackerman. The film won a wide array of awards in festivals across the country (LA Shorts International Film Festival, Los Angeles Film Awards, Top Shorts, Golden Door International, and more.)

Critics are calling HomeBound "Harrowingly gut-wrenching" (One Film Fan), and “a gripping and emotional short" (Screen Critix). The film made its way to The Indie Short Mag’s Hall of Fame (, which gave the short an in-depth 5-star review. Emily Davidson of the UK Film Review writes, "HomeBound works perfectly as a self-contained, intimate character piece. It tells an uplifting, emotionally resonant story which is executed expertly through precise direction and a fantastic lead performance”.

The film premiered online at and on YouTube on December 2nd, 2022 at 5:00pm EST.


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