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Prego, New Short Film Offers A Humorous Take On Unplanned Pregnancies

Film director Usher Morgan unveils a new short comedy film about the unexpected consequences of a one-night stand. New teaser trailer for Prego is released as the filmmakers prepare for a 2015-2016 festival circuit.

Prego is an upcoming short comedy film that tells the story of Emily, a young woman (Katie Vincent) who confront a one-night stand (Taso Mikroulis) to reveal that she is pregnant. Things go from bad to worse as she comes to grips with the realization that the man may not be a suited father figure to her unborn child.

The film was produced and directed by Usher Morgan, who also wrote the script with the help of Seinfeld writer Andy Cowan. Principle photography took place in New York City on January 17th. The film stars Katie Vincent (Over Easy, Before the Snow), Taso Mikroulis (Indigo, A Day in the Lifeless), Marah Vanbeekom, Cassidy Rose, J.W. Harvey and others. A teaser trailer for the film was released as the filmmakers prepare for its 2015-2016 festival tour.

"This film gives viewers a glimpse into the mind of young woman as she confronts a one-night stand with the unexpected revelation that he is about to become a father. I have friends who were in a similar situation on both sides of that conversation and I thought that many people could relate and find the humor in it," said writer/director Usher Morgan. "You have two 'kids' who don't really know anything about each other, aside from a drunken one-night stand, and now they are forced to come to grips with a new, life-altering reality and be adults about it."

To watch trailers, view behind-the-scenes footage, get festival information and stay up to date with the production of Prego, follow the film on Facebook at and check out filmmaker Usher Morgan's Twitter page @UsherMorgan

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